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Pre-commencement surveys

We offer a practical and user-friendly application designed to ‘capture, track and store’ the documenting and management of all our fire stopping works within a building.  This facility provides our client’s freedom to access the work progress in real time, by connecting to the client portal, where they can monitor progress of each project.

On completion of the works, our client’s, building owners and stakeholders will then have the required evidence of fire-stopping compliance within the building, with the necessary records and a register of all fire maintenance works once the property becomes occupied.

FRA Reporting

Live reporting

The software we use, enables our clients to gain access through cloud based reporting, to review precise updates on current and previous installation works.


Compliance report and certification detailing installations, upgrades and areas surveyed.


Case Studies

Catalyst Housing Association

Catalyst Housing Association
FRA Upgrade Works

Thrive Homes

Thrive Homes
Installation of Fire Compartmentation

Catalyst Housing Association

Catalyst Housing Association
Void Refurbishment Works

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